Graphic Design


A start business promotion poster for Double Sweet bakery.

bakery promotion poster

Botanic poster of Lemon - The sweet and sour love.

Botanical poster

Posters for Missing migrants project

The posters are created for an online digital platform, called “Memories of the Mediterranean,” aimed to help give voice and visibility to missing migrants. The project is in collaboration with La Terre Pour Tous, a migrant advocacy group based in Tunisia.

immigration poster
immigration poster

Badge Design

mascot set
mountaion set
mascot set
mountaion set

UI Design

Modernism Web Design

modernism web design

Post-Modernism Web Design

postmodernism web design

DreamOn APP UI Redesign

DreamOn redesign
Start Dream Setting
DreamOn redesign
Soundscapes Setting
DreamOn redesign
Dream Diary
DreamOn redesign

SMIE News Center

In college, I took part in establishing School of Mobile Information Engineering(SMIE) News Center which is one of the organizations directly affiliated to SMIE. It represents school, in the meanwhile, deepens students' understanding of school's development and provides a better channel of information delivery. I was the president of Design Department for the first year, and the vice president of SMIE News Center the second year. I got the opportunity to practice my design skills, creativity, and leadership there.


The first electronic edition of SMIE's student journal -- ALOHA. I conducted and took part in the planning, content collection, design and evaluation.

uniform design, suvernier